The good:
Great views, great shade, and cool temperatures, making it a great spot for mid-to-late summer camping.
The bad:
The camp host is nuts.
The Location: 41.919998, -111.460281  When headed up Logan canyon from the west, go all the way up. Once you hit the top you will begin heading down towards Bear Lake. About a mile after the ridge and before you get to the overlook, you will see the sign for the campground that will be on your right hand side.
Because of it’s location near Bear Lake and the majestic views, this is a very popular location and books up quickly. For our trip, we wanted to go for 2 nights but we were late to the party and were only able to book a site for Thursday night to Friday. Luckily there are first-come first-serve sites, and by waking up early Friday morning and moving over, we were able to snag one. Most sites have ample shade and no site is a far walk to a bathroom. Each site has a table and permanent fire ring. The bathrooms are pit toilets and some lived up to their name (we opted to walk past this one to the much nicer one just a little further down the road). All roads through the campground are paved so any car can make the trek.
Now on the the part you really came to hear about: the camp host. This guy would believe Smoky the Bear is an arsonist. If you have a fire, beware! Yes I believe in protecting the wilderness and abiding by all leave-no-trace policies, but this guy takes this to an extreme. Here is a little background for you. I have a nephew who is 5 has the nick name of Captain Safety. He doesn’t think anything is safe, especially fire. My mother is also very concerned about safety and fire, and some might call her a worry wart. While the rest of the family was away, leaving my mother and “Captain Safety” watching the fire, the camp host came driving by in his golf cart. The fire was no taller than 12″ high and this man decided he needed to put an end to the “madness” and began to lecture in a very stern voice to the two most innocent and non-harming campers you can find. This was not the only time this man felt he needed to tell us a thing or two about fires, so it was not long before we dreaded the sound of that gas-powered golf cart.
I feel that every campsite has good and bad things about it, but as long as you are outside enjoying nature and being respectful the the area and to others, camping can be a great experience. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think or where I should go next.