Does a wild bear crap in the woods?



Hammock Camping

Camping in a hammock has become extremely popular in recent years. I wanted to write this post to talk about what you need to look for in a hammock, and whether or not you need to pay the money to... Continue Reading →


She just likes me for my vestibules.

When it comes to¬†camping and backpacking, a tent is an item you should be willing to invest in. Like I mentioned¬†in a previous blog post, it's possible to go camping without a stove. It's also possible to sleep without a... Continue Reading →

The Breakfast Taco

dubbed it "The Breakfast Taco" and thus it was born

White Pine Lake

The good: Great beginner back packing trip, very pretty, easy access. The bad: The crowds

The Sunrise Campground-Logan Canyon

The good: Great views, great shade, and cool temperatures, making it a great spot for mid-to-late summer camping. The bad: The camp host is nuts.

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